Saturday, August 24, 2013

Revlon ColorSilk Review & Tips for Dying Asian Hair

I've been meaning to dye my hair for the past couple of months. I originally wanted to do red but recently I met a lot of girls with red hair. I didn't really want to do it because there were so many people with red hair now and also I heard its a lot more of a hassle than its worth. So I thought I'd go light brown and if I want to go red it'll be easier since my hair has been stripped of its color.

I chose Revlon Colorsilk #05, Light Ashy Blonde. I've actually used Revlon Colorsilk before and the results were nice so I decided to go with it again. In order for me to achieve brown or even a lighter color, using American box dye, I need one with bleach in it. Ultimately I went for a blonde dye because those are mainly the only ones that work on Asian hair. American hair dyes cater to more Caucasian-like hair and Asian hair strands are generally thicker so its harder for us to strip off our hair color. My natural undertone is a coppery color so a friend of mine, the lovely Nancy over at "the-nancinator" told me to go with a more ashy blonde dye because it helps combat my natural coppery tones.
Here is my natural hair color. As you can see its looks brown in direct sunlight and black in natural light. My hair is actually darker but in this photo it is a bit lighter than it really is.
This is my hair a week after dying my hair. I waited this long because I wanted to show you the color pay off after a few washes to show you the final result. Usually the color right after dying your hair never stays because A) the color rinses out (if you're going darker) or B) your natural undertones start showing (if your dying you're hair lighter.) Also excuse my hair because I took this picture after I took it out of a bun which explains the waves. As you can see the blonde hair dye did NOT turn my hair blonde but brown. You can also see my natural copper undertones.
Sidenote: I tried my best to capture the color of my hair and I think the photo below looks closer!! 
My front parts are lighter than the back of my hair because this is due to the fact that I put a lot more of the dye in the front of my hair.

~ ☆ Some Tips & Things to Remember: ☆ ~
  • American Box dyes cater to Caucasian hair SO you need to purchase a lighter shade and leave it longer than the recommended time.
  • Never dye your hair after you just washed/cleaned it; this will damage your hair even more
  • Try your very best to use conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Dye your hair in sections for a more even coverage
  • Wet hair looks darker than dry hair so please wait until your hair is completely dry to see the end result.
  • The color immediately after the dye job may not be definite. It can wash out or turn into your natural undertone so be wary. 
  • Toner can help strip out unwanted color, ask a sales associate for further help! 

Happy hair dying everyone! 
 ☆ Rachel 
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