Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Dying Asian Hair: Bleach Session #2 & Toner

It has been a little more than 3 weeks so I finally took the time to do the second session of the bleaching process. This time I got it blonde enough to actually tone it lighter because honestly, I don't think my hair could handle another bleach session.
quick blue bleach // 20 vol. developer // wella T18 toner
For this post, I'm going to skip the bleaching process and instructions and go straight to end result because I basically did the same thing as last time. If you want a recap of the whole bleaching process, please check out my previous post, "Dying Asian Hair: Going Blonde."
Here are the results for the second bleach session. The hair definitely lightened up to a lighter blonde. It is still rather copper toned so I have to tone it.

For toner, you must have clean hair. So rinse out the bleach like I did (or wash your hair if you didn't bleach it immediately prior) and then mix it according to the instructions. The Wella Toner calls for a 1:2 ratio, so one part toner and two part developer. Towel dry your hair a little and leave it moist. Apply the mix all over your hair and wait ~30 minutes. Again, make sure it doesn't dry out because it wont work if it does !
And here is me sporting my new hair. I might actually tone it once more to see if I can get rid of any more of the copper tones and then do a pastel color. I am actually in love with this color because I have finally achieved blonde hair that I wanted to try for so long !
Good luck everyone !
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