Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dying Asian Hair: Silver Purple Hair

Here is the last chapter of Dying Asian Hair series because this is all about putting color onto your hair. I might make another post to show you all the fantastic colors since fading will occur. For now, let's talk about how to color.
Manic Panic Dye in UltraViolet // Plain Conditioner // Plastic Container
There is no specific ratio that you have to follow. Everything depends on what color you want. To achieve my color, you need to lighten it to a more blue tone. You can see that the dye itself is a dark purple. Add conditioner until you get a more blue toned purple. Make sure you made enough for your hair before you put it in your hair. This will save yourself a lot of trouble!

Now just dye it on clean hair and leave it in for about 30+ minutes. Like bleaching your hair, if the product dries, the color will not dye into your hair ! 
The base of my hair is more of a yellow blonde so the purple is not as saturate and instead becomes a gray tone. I actually prefer it this way because it gives my hair some depth. Sadly, the color of my hair looks more pink and brown in photos because my camera can't pick up the purple and gray. This is the best photo I took that is the closest to my hair color in real life.  
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  1. did you end up toning your hair again? o:

    1. I lighten my hair enough to get rid of most of the orange tones. I'm currently using a toning conditioner to maintain it.